Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? It’s a question that a lot of beginner lucid dreamers want to know the answer to.

While there is a great deal of myths and misconceptions about lucid dreaming, there are some things you should be aware of.

In short, lucid dreaming is not dangerous, in fact it’s incredibly safe. The “dangers” we’re going to be talking about in this article are only perceived.

Scary Things That Can Happen in Lucid Dreams

Even though lucid dreaming is amazing, it can be scary at certain times. Some scary situations that could happen are:

  1. Lucid nightmares
  2. Being trapped in a dream
  3. Not being able to tell what is real and what is a dream
  4. Sleep paralysis

1. Lucid Nightmares

Lucid dreams, like all dreams, can become nightmares. Especially if you think of something scary while in the lucid dream.

The lucid dream world responds quickly to your expectations, so if you think of something scary, it can be likely to manifest in the dream.

While lucid nightmares aren’t fun, they’re not as bad as normal nightmares. This is because you’re aware that you’re dreaming and that this is all happening within your head.

Plus, if you’re experienced enough, you can exert some form of control over the dream. Sometimes you can even turn a lucid nightmare into a pleasurable lucid dream.

If there’s something scary in your dream, try to approach it with love and kindness and you’ll likely be surprised with what happens.

2. Being Trapped in a Dream

False awakenings are when someone thinks they have woken up from a lucid dream, but then realizes they’re still dreaming. They then try to wake up again, but find themselves in what seems to be an endless loop.

While this can be scary, don’t worry because it’s not dangerous in the least. No one has ever been permanently trapped in a lucid dream.

Instead of letting this phenomenon get the best of you, take advantage of the fact you’re lucid dreaming and explore. Also, letting go can make false awakenings much less frightening.

And just remember that no matter what, you will wake up eventually.

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? Trapped in a  dream

3. Not Being Able to Tell What Is Real and What is A Dream

If you get too many false awakenings, you may begin to question what is real life and what is a dream. If this ever occurs, don’t worry, because you can easily end this by not practicing lucid dreaming.

Also, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll never be able to tell what’s real and what’s a dream. Even the most advanced lucid dreamers are able to separate the real world from the dream world.

Being unable to distinguish between reality can also occur if you become addicted to lucid dreaming. Becoming addicted to lucid dreaming usually happens when you become more obsessed with the dream world than real, waking life.

Unlike other addictions though, lucid dreaming is easy to end.

4. Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is the most common negative experiences lucid dreamers have.

Sleep paralysis happens to us every night we’re asleep. It prevents us from acting out the actions of our dreams in real life.

Sometimes, it’s possible to be awake and suffering from sleep paralysis at the same time. This can be quite the frightening experience. Some people report seeing scary figures looking over their beds while this happens.

Don’t worry, this is simply the result of your mind.

Also, you can actually turn sleep paralysis into a vivid lucid dream if you’re experienced enough.

Can You Die From Lucid Dreaming?

No, it is not possible to die in real life as the result of a lucid dream.

Even if you die in your lucid dream, your real life body will be safely in bed.

No matter how scary or crazy of an experience you have in your lucid dream, it will not in any way affect your real life body.

In fact, some people even use lucid dreaming to get over their fear of death.


So is lucid dreaming dangerous? You can rest assured knowing that lucid dreaming is not dangerous.

Lucid dreaming is awesome

I don’t want to steer anyone away from learning how to lucid dream, because it’s an amazingly beneficial practice you can do in your sleep. There are so many amazing things you can do in lucid dreams.

Have you ever felt in danger in a lucid dream? Leave a comment!

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