10 Awesome Things To Do While Lucid Dreaming

10 Awesome Things To Do While Lucid Dreaming

Once you’ve learned the skills it takes to lucid dream each night, you’re probably wondering what you can do in your dreams. Each night is an adventure waiting to be had. Here are a few of the things you can do while lucid dreaming that will help you explore the furthest reaches of your mind.

This video will show you 9 of the awesome things to do while lucid dreaming:

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1. Learn to fly

Flying is one of the greatest things you can do while lucid dreaming. You get to soar above the landscape of your dreams, getting a new perspective on things. It can also be a faster way to travel from place to place within your dreams.

There are a few different ways that you can start to fly. The simplest way is simply imaging that you’re flying and take off. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can hop off of the nearest tall object with the goal of soaring rather than falling. Take care of this method though because you might just fall, especially if you’re scared of heights.

Another method of learning to fly in  your dreams is to start running. As you run, lift your feet off of the ground and take off flying. You’ll want to have a “runway” to take off with using this method, such as a straight stretch of road or landscape.

2. Gobble down food

When you’re lucid dreaming, one of the perks is that you can eat whatever you want and not gain a single pound. It’s a great way to indulge on treats or try that food you’ve literally been dreaming about. Whether it’s a single snack or a twelve course meal, you can experience it all when you’re lucid dreaming.

You can get started on your lucid dreaming meal by envisioning yourself in a place with food. This can be a grocery store, a restaurant, or even a picnic. Picture the food or drink you want to try. If food isn’t readily available, you can picture it and have something to eat.

How to Lucid Dream Tonight For Beginners - Eating Food
Eating food in lucid dreams is just like in real life but you don’t gain weight.

Start to picture the food you want to eat by imagining the foodstuff you want to eat. You can shape the image like clay in your mind, determining the weight of the food in your hands. Imagine the texture of the food. You might want

to close your eyes so you don’t have to actually picture the food. Once you have the shape in your mind, think about the other details of the food: is it warm, does it have a savory smell, what’s it going to taste like? Once you have the details nailed down, grab a bite!

3. Explore the outer reaches of your dream

When you’re lucid dreaming, there are lots of things you can do, but one of the easiest is simply going exploring. You’ve got an entire dream world to check out, and it’s something that no one else has the chance to visit. You can see ruins of ancient civilizations or visit a mystical glen in the woods.

The nice thing about exploring is it doesn’t require any special skills or powers. Granted, if you’ve learned to fly or teleport in your dreams, you can get around faster, but it’s easy enough to simply walk around and envision the areas you’re going to visit.

Walk around and experience the sights and sounds that your subconscious offers up. You can experience the story that your dream was already offering if you start to lucid dream while you’re already in the middle of another dream. You can also explore new areas by picturing these places before you go to sleep. If there’s something you really want to experience, study images of the area before you go to sleep. Picture the places in your mind as you drift off to sleep as one way to get to the place in your lucid dreaming state.

4. Have sex in your dreams

One thing that many people want to experience is sex while lucid dreaming. This activity can be tricky to do because if you get too excited in your dream, you might wake up. The nice things about this pleasurable activity is that you can have sex with multiple partners or your dream guy or girl and try new things, all without the worry of getting pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted disease.

The main thing to know about sex while lucid dreaming is that most of the people  you meet in a dream are going to be passive, so you have to initiate many of the activities. Take a deep breath and kiss the character in your dreams that you want to have sex with. Generally, they will follow your lead.

Don’t be anxious or worried about what’s going to happen in your dream. If you are worried, you’ll be more likely to not meet your goals or have performance issues. Keep in mind that with being aroused and excited, you might wake up before the end of your sexual fantasy, so just enjoy the parts that you’re there for.

5. Try your hand at magic

Magic is one of the many things you can experience in your lucid dreaming state. For most people, magic takes a bit of practice to really get the hang of it, so you’ll want to be prepared to do a bit of work in your dream. You can imagine yourself like Gandalf the Grey or Harry Potter, casting spells while on your adventure.

To learn to use a bit of magic, you’ll want to envision yourself wielding the same type of magic as the character you’re trying to emulate. Do you need a wand or can you cast spells with hand gestures? Is a staff required to cast a spell?

When you’re in your lucid dreaming state, it’s time to start practicing your casting spells abilities. Pick an object to focus your abilities on, such as a rock to transfigure or a feather to levitate. Expect the results you want, as expectations are important in your lucid dreams. Say the spell that the character you’re copying would say or mimic the hand motions they would do. Eventually, you’ll be a regular spell-casting wizard or witch.

6. Meet famous people or characters in your dream

While you’re dreaming, it’s a great time to meet famous people, such as celebrities, or have a real fantasy adventure and meet one (or more) of the characters in your favorite TV show or book. While you won’t have any tangible proof of meeting your favorite celebrity, you can have the excitement of meeting them in your dreams.

To meet this person while you’re lucid dreaming, you’re going to need to do a little prep work. While you’re awake, you are going to need to familiarize yourself with what the person looks like, as well as what they sound like to have the best picture in your mind of what they are like. As you go to sleep, make a model in  your mind of what that person is like, down to their mannerisms if you can picture it.

Imagine being able to talk with Albert Einstien

As you fall asleep, imagine the scenario with which you are going to meet the person. Is it during one of your adventures where they can tag along with you? Are you going to have sex with them, in which case you need to initiate the activity? No matter what you envision, enjoy the time you have with them in your dream.

7. Teleport to a new place in your dreams

While you’re lucid dreaming, you may want to get from place to place. One of the quickest ways to do this is to teleport in your lucid dreams. Much like the characters in Star Trek, teleportation takes you immediately from one place to another.

One of the easiest ways to learn to teleport is simply imagining the place you want to go. Think about it hard enough, and you’ll get there in your dreams. If thinking about the place you want to go isn’t enough to help you teleport, you might need to undergo some actions to get you from place to place. One method is to stand in an area and think about where you want to go. Spin in place, and you can teleport from the location you are at to the place you want to go.

8. Manipulate time while you’re lucid dreaming

While you are in your lucid dreaming state, you might want to explore past civilizations or something in the future. Manipulate time to get to the place you want to go. You can visit these places by envisioning where you want to go.

To get to the time period you want to dream about, try to think about it while you’re falling asleep. If you want to visit a place in the past, look at pictures of the ruins or read about the civilization before you fall asleep. Once you’re lucid dreaming, if you’re not already in the place you’re trying to visit, think about the locale and travel there. You can step through a Dream Portal or simply teleport there if you’ve already learned that skill.

You can also learn to manipulate time in your lucid dreams. Sometimes all it takes is the belief that you can control time and giving your dream state commands, such as shouting out loud to stop time. You can also speed yourself up so that everything in your dream seems to be moving in slow motion or is frozen.

9. Have a conversation with someone

While you’re lucid dreaming, it’s a great time to visit with long lost relatives or family members you want to meet but never got the chance to. You can even practice conversations such as interviews to really nail down what you want to do and say.

Like many things in lucid dreaming, you’ll want to do a little bit of legwork for this activity. Get as many details as you can about the person or task: if you’re going to talk to a relative, picture what they looked like and sounded like. For a job interview, picture the myriad of questions you might get asked.

While lucid dreaming, conjure up the situation you want to be in. Imagine the person you want to talk to or the circumstances surrounding your meeting. Especially if you’re going to be interviewed or need to practice a speech, lucid dreaming is a great way to nail down what you need to do and say. In fact, practicing what you’re going to do fires the same neurons as actually doing something, so you will have the chance to train your brain while in your lucid dreaming state.

10. Learn new skills in your dreams

In much the same way as practicing an interview, you can learn new skills while you’re in your lucid dreaming state. One of the coolest things to do is to learn to play a musical instrument that you’ve seen and heard. You’ll want to be familiar with the sounds of the instrument for this activity.

Before you go to bed, listen to music that feature the instrument you want to play in your lucid dreaming state. Once you’re actually in the dream, pick up the instrument and start to play. Move your hands to mimic the way you’ve seen people play and imagine the sounds you want to hear.

Music in a lucid dreaming state is almost like a magical experience. The notes are crisper and the sounds are amplified. Your dream can reflect the colors of the music as it changes, and you can experience different emotions as you listen to the music. Enjoy playing or just listening to the sounds that surround you while you are lucid dreaming.


Lucid dreaming is a great way to experience new things. You can learn new skills or practice for a major job interview. Manipulate time or places and travel via new methods, such as flying or teleportation. In lucid dreaming, you’re really only limited by your imagination.

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