What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the realization that you’re in a dream, while the dream is happening. Along with this realization comes the ability to control the dream world. 

You get access to the most powerful virtual reality simulation in existence. You can literally do anything you’d like. Want to fly? Want to talk with famous people? This is all possible with lucid dreaming.

How Do You KNOW You're Not Dreaming Right Now?

Take a look around your environment right now. Feel the desk in front of you. Feel your lungs breathing in air. Feel what it feels like to be alive. What if I told you that this is how real a lucid dream feels.

The amazing thing about lucid dreams is that they feel as real as waking life. Think about it. You have probably had tons of dreams in which at the time you didn’t know you were dreaming. It’s only after you woke up that you realize it was a dream. Now imagine having that realization in the dream.

How to Lucid Dream

Now you probably want to lucid dream or maybe you’ve had a lucid dream but you want to discover how to have them on a regular basis. Welcome to Easy Lucid Dreaming. I made this website to share my methods of having 20-30 lucid dreams a month and more importantly how you can too.

I recommend checking out my blog for step-by-step instructions on how to lucid dream as well as my YouTube channel by clicking the button below.

Can Anyone Lucid Dream?

YES! I truly believe that anyone can learn to lucid dream. If you sleep, you dream. And if you dream, you can learn how to lucid dream. It doesn’t matter what age you are or if you’ve ever had a lucid dream before. And, you don’t even have to make time for it. Most people sleep every night so why not take advantage of the potential to lucid dream?

What's The Best Way to Lucid Dream The Fastest?

If you want to learn my exact, step-by-step method to having 20-30 lucid dreams a month, check out my lucid dreaming course which goes over the exact steps on how you can start having regular lucid dreams as soon as possible.

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